Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market

Admission Requirements

Students apply for admission to the MLT program through their home community college. Each college has a predetermined allotment of program slots. Contact the college’s Admission Office. Applicants must:

Graduate from an approved high school, or shall demonstrate equivalent competency (G.E.D. examination).

Fulfill admission policies for the institution for which application is made. Each participating institution of SICCM has its own admission procedure. Please follow these directions.

Meet stated requirements in MLT Program Admission Packet (ASSET, Health Occupations Aptitude Examination – Revised, GPA, etc.).

MLT Program admission is non-discriminatory, but certain personal and physical attributes are key to success in the profession. These may include: good general physical health, good vision (may be corrected), good color vision, and good manual dexterity.

The SICCM MLT Program admission process does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age or the presence of a non-job related condition or disability. Each college does give preference to its in-district students. Students may apply at only one community college for entrance into a program.