Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market

Program Admission

Students are admitted to the occupational therapy assistant (OTA) program and register for all courses on their home campus.  General education courses are taken on the home campus, but OTA core courses are taught either at the Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market (SICCM) regional instructional center or within patient/client care agencies.  After all classes and fieldwork internships are completed within the OTA program, students graduate from their entering college.

The SICCM OTA program admission process does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or the presence of anon-job related condition or disability.  Each college does give preference to its in-district students.  The application procedures for the OTA program are the same for John A.  Logan College and Shawnee Community College.  Students may apply at only one community college for entrance into a program.

Admission requirements are as follow:

  1. Graduate (anticipate graduation by college entrance) from an approved high school or demonstrate equivalent competency.
  2. Satisfy all general entrance requirements for admission to the college to which you have applied prior to the application deadlines for the OTA program.
  3. Take the Health Occupational Aptitude Examination. This examination is taken at your local college campus. Contact your campus at the following address/phone and ask for the Admission Testing for the OTA program.
  4. Submit a completed OTA application and official documents to the college. Application for admission to the OTA program is coordinated at each specific college by the offices listed above. The annual deadline for the OTA program application, official transcripts and exam scores is March 1.