Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market

Degree and Program Requirements

70-71 credit hours are required for successful completion of the OTA program (variation occurs due to differences in college courses)

First Year Fall Semester:
Pre-requisite:  Human Anatomy and Physiology I- 4 credits
English 3 credits
Disease and Impact on Occupation 3 credits
Medical Terminology 3 credits
Introduction to Occupational Therapy 2 credits
Occupational Therapy Theory I 4 credits
Clinical Observation 2 credits
Occupational Development 1 credit
18 credit hours
Summer semester:
Math 3 credits
Speech 3 credits
6 credit hours
First Year Spring Semester:
Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 credits
Introduction to Psychology 3 credits
Occupational Therapy Group Process 2 credits
Activities of Daily Living 3 credits
Occupational Therapy in Physical Disabilities 3 credits
Clinical Rotation I 1 credit
Occupational Therapeutic Media 3 credits
19 credit hours
Second Year Fall Semester:
Child Psychology 3 credits
Psychosocial Therapy and Practice 3 credits
Occupational Therapy Theory II 1.5 credits
Aging and Impact on Occupation 1.5 credits
Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics 4 credits
Clinical Rotation II 2 credits
15 credit hours
Second Year Spring Semester:
Occupational Therapy Administration 3 credit hours
Fieldwork Experience I 4.5 credit hours
Fieldwork Experience II 4.5 credit hours
12 credit hours

Fieldwork experience I and fieldwork experience II must be completed within 18 months of completion of the academic coursework.